High Tech Car Security

high tech car security

Car security has been on people's minds since the very first cars saw the light of day. Thieves, vandals and various other threats all required special protection measures.

If simple locks would suffice in the past, as time passed by and more expensive cars were manufactures, people started looking into additional solutions: steering wheel locks, locks on wheels, immobilizer devices, alarms, GPS systems, sensor alarms, transponder keys for remote control on the lock system of a vehicle and the list goes on.

The advent of technology allows us to rely on a series of incredible solutions that are turning our vehicles into almost impenetrable fortresses that are more difficult to steal than ever. Just think in terms of disabling the engine on your car from a remote distance, while on vacation on an exotic island or visiting the in-laws last minute, so you can stop your teenage children from driving your car or to prevent a potential thief from taking your stolen car too far. Yes, there are electronic lock systems that can help you do just that and even more. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, these next few lines should prove to be helpful.

Car Immobilizers Are Excellent At Keeping Car Thieves At Bay

hight tech car securityThe numbers are encouraging, as data from the Economic Journal speaks of electronic immobilizers being able to reduce the number of car thefts by forty percent. The way that an immobilizer works is it stops the engine from running if the wrong key is used. The classic hot-wiring technique is, therefore, almost impossible to use on cars that have immobilizer systems in place.

The first immobilizers were officially patented in 1919 and they were used together with 3X3 grids made of double contact switches that were meant to send an electrical current to the ignition using the battery. Once the current reached the ignition switch, the horn started to sound and the car was automatically immobilized.

Using a car immobilizer today means being able to completely shut off your vehicle if you believe someone unauthorized might have unlocked or stolen it. These devices are used in parallel with monitoring services that will automatically send a warning to the driver, letting them know someone might be trying to tamper with their vehicle.

Removable Steering Wheels

When the first cars were manufactured, their security was ensured by the drivers who were also responsible for personally guarding the vehicles 24/7. This meant keeping an eye on potential crooks lurking around and fighting them off, if necessary.

In the 1900s, car owners relied on removable steering wheels that were patented by the Leach-Biltwell Motor Company. More car manufacturers started embracing these removable steering wheels later on.

Power Locks Were Originally Used On Passenger Doors And Trunks

After removable steering wheels started to become a trend in terms of high tech car security of their time, power locks were invented and patented. The Scripps-Booth company started making them first, followed by General Motors a few years later. However, these devices only started to become popular once they were used as extra car equipment in 1956 when Packard Motor recommended their use to the general public.

At first, power locks were used at the manufacturing of lock cylinders. They had their code on the outside of vehicles and they were only present on trunks, passenger doors, and the glove compartment.

Things have changed dramatically today, as power locks are used on everything from caps on fuel fillers to the gear mechanism when drivers need to put the car into gear when the car reaches a predetermined speed.

Power locks are helpful for finding and completely shutting off a vehicle in case it is stolen. If you need professional assistance with installing a car immobilizer, feel free to get in touch with us and let us assist you.

Advanced Car Tracking Systems

Another example of a high tech car security solution today's drivers can benefit from is a car tracking system. These systems enable car owners to find their stolen or missing cars no matter where they are. They use advanced GPS or GLONASS technologies which ensure high levels of precision. They can also automatically collect data and sent it to systems that rely on electronic maps found in different locations across the globe.

There are two main types of car tracking systems:

  • Active tracking systems

  • Passive tracking systems

24/7 ASAP Locksmith specializes in installing, calibrating and maintaining both types of trackers on any make and model of a vehicle. Get in touch with us, schedule an appointment and let us handle your needs with great care, at high speeds and good rates. We handle GPS and GLONASS systems for personal cars as well as rich fleets of trucks and other vehicles.

Video Monitoring Systems For Enhanced Car Security

You must have heard of dash cameras that are used by drivers to make sure they will have enough evidence to support their case in front of their insurer provided they will get involved in a crash or a similar incident. They are also suitable for teens and novice drivers of all ages and they come in a variety of models. They range from devices featuring dual-lens that face the interior and the exterior, as well as in-car devices that are suitable for night drives as they feature night vision. There are also video monitoring systems that feature crash sensors or GPS systems that have been incorporated into them.

Give us a call if you need any of these systems fitted on your car – or any other security device you were not able to find on our list. We offer 24/7 locksmith near you solutions for all makes and models of cars and we charge some of the most affordable rates in the market.

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