Stolen Car Check Apps: The Right Way to Save Yourself From Illegal Car Purchases

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When you buy a car, you not only invest your money but also your efforts and emotions so that you can get the best vehicle for yourself. Buying a car and discovering that you got a stolen car is not only annoying but risky as well.

There are many incidents where thieves are smartly getting rid of a stolen car for a large sum of money and then that same car ends up in a used car lot for a non-suspecting victim to purchase it. 

The Startling Data

According to the fresh details offered by the FBI, there are about 70,000 cars that are stolen and sold to innocent buyers annually. Horrifically, not only expensive cars but regular cars are also stolen. This signifies that car security is significant for luxurious cars and normal cars too. Car thieves often steal cars that have impaired security and easy access. Most of the time, they take advantage of the negligence of the car owners and get access to their car keys.

If you are thinking of purchasing a pre-owned car through an online seller or from your local dealer, it is vital that you practice extreme caution. This is necessary because if it becomes evident that the car that you have bought is stolen, it will be taken from you without your consent.

How Car Thieves Trade a Stolen Car

vin check appsNowadays, car theft is going on at an increased rate. Burglars who steal vehicles and cars often sell them to potential buyers to earn money. Because they are quite clever, they use all possible ways to make this illegal transaction look legal. Most of the time, they prefer selling different parts of the car to play safe. However, since selling a vehicle with all parts intact is more beneficial, they prefer it this way.

For making the whole procedure looks professional and legal, they search for all the needed details of the registered car of a similar year, brand and model. They use VIN and alter their numbers accordingly.

Know If You Are Purchasing a Stolen Vehicle

You must conduct thorough research when you are planning to buy a car. There are numerous efficient tips and tricks to help you save yourself from this trap. Keep on reading and explore ways to find out the way out of this situation.

Do A Free VIN Check

You might know this that there is a unique VIN number associated with every car, which actually works as a Social Security Number. You must check it before purchasing any second-hand vehicle. It is worth noting that there are 17 characters in a VIN Number.

When a fraudulent seller gives you a VIN number, do not believe them blindly. Check the car thoroughly to look for the VIN Number. The VIN number is found encrypted on the rear wheel, windshield, engine block, dashboard, car door, or below the spare tire.

You must check the VIN properly to find out if anyone has tried altering it with a new number. There can be scratch marks and tears that can work as a clue that somebody has meddled with the VIN number. Touch the VIN number with your hand and the surface must appear smooth to your touch.

You can go through the National Insurance Crime Bureau information and look for the VIN to know if the car is reported as stolen and not yet found out by the police. There are several equipment and apps to do proper research and finding out if the VIN provided to you by the fraudulent seller is real or not.

Take Assistance of Carfax to Find Out the Car's History

There are several good apps on the internet today that is dedicated to offering you pointers so that you don’t fall for a stolen car. One such app is the Carfax, which digs out the entire history of the concerned vehicle quickly.

 In order to use it, you need to run the information of the car on this app and check the status. There will be information such as if the car has met with an accident, structural damage, been flooded or salvaged.

Use A Stolen Car Check App

When you make use of stolen car checker apps, you will be able to look for the information about the cars in more than 20 databases. This information will guide you if the vehicle is stolen or not. These applications need the VIN number to conduct the check.

You should use this app to decide if you’re making the right deal. However, it is worth noting that most of the time, it takes time for the app to store information of the stolen vehicle. So, if the car has been recently stolen, chances are its information may not be included in the database. Because of such discrepancies, it is suggested that you get in touch with us and we will help you find the best deal.

Get in Touch with Us for Thoroughly Checking the Car

Most of the time potential car buyers get trapped and buy a stolen car, only to get surprised later on. If you are planning to buy a pre-owned car, you must get in touch with us.

We have a team of skilled locksmiths who are experienced and know the right ways to find out if the car you want to buy is stolen or not. Our trained car locksmiths check for any tampering done with the VIN number and conduct other similar checks to make sure that the deal is transparent and good.

Call us now with any of the issues related to your car and we will get back to you with the best of assistance!

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