Professional Locksmiths Tips

lockout prevention
10 months 3 weeks ago

They're some of the most daunting, stressful and infuriating things that could happen to anyone. They come at the worst of times, and they usually ruin your schedule and mood. They happen to all of us, usually more than once. We are, of course,...

Locksmith tools
10 months 3 weeks ago

Ever wonder how to pop a lock? We have compiled for you a comprehensive list of the most common as well as the less known tools and that locksmiths use.

Locksmithing is one of the most important trades that involve the use...

home security
10 months 3 weeks ago

These following home security tips can be a game-changer for you! Find out how to keep your home safe with these basic tips everyone should know.

Having sturdy locks on your entryway doors is your number one line of...

lock bumping
11 months 1 week ago

Ever heard of lock bumping, but not sure what it means? Find out what lock bumping is and what you can do to prevent it from happening to your home or office.

In short, lock bumping refers to the original technique used by...

lock maintenance
11 months 1 week ago

Home upkeep and maintenance do not have to be expensive and time-consuming. Follow these few tips periodically to keep your locks in good working condition.

It goes without saying that locks are a fundamental part of a...

11 months 1 week ago

Home safety is a critical topic that should be on the mind of every homeowner or tenant. These secret burglar tips should help you make your home safer.

Everyone wants to know their home and family are always protected...

old house security
11 months 2 weeks ago

Buying an old home means getting ready to handle several security issues with the locks and other safety devices. Here are a few top solutions we have for you

While old homes have their own charm and appeal that makes so...

best locks for you home
11 months 2 weeks ago

They say a door is only as good as its lock. If we are to look at the latest home burglary and property crime statistics, it is easy to confirm this popular saying. Close to 90 percent of all burglaries occur on residential...

kid locked in car
1 year 2 weeks ago

Accidental car lockouts are common occurrences in the lives of drivers. Here is what to do to prevent children from getting locked in a vehicle.

Accidental car lockouts happen more...

1 year 4 weeks ago

If you count among the people who constantly lose the keys to their cars, and you would like to do something about it, use these tips. 



What Customers Say About Us

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Mark G.
Crockett Blvd

The keys to my office went missing, just disappeared last night. I was so frustrated, besides for being embarrassed in front of my employees, I also didn’t want to lose money due to the delay. I called for a locksmith and Justin came over straight away, he suggested re-keying the lock, in case my keys were stolen, I thought this was a great idea, and that’s what we did, he then made new keys for me on the spot.

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Tyler Goodman
Wilshire Blvd

My office is in Los Angeles and I often need to meet people. So the day my office door stopped to work, I was both sad and upset. My secretary called for me 247 ASAP Locksmiths and I was pleased from the fast job and professional education the guy from Locksmiths have. My work day was safe!

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Sophia Tucker
98th Street

Unexpected situations are always embarrassing and upsetting… especially if you have no time at all! When I realized my garage door wasn’t working I nearly got a heart attack! After a few minutes, I got a great idea and I called 247 ASAP Locksmiths: the guys arrived on time and did an excellent job!